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March 5
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Currently retired but previously in Computer/Network/Security Related (IS, MIS, Internet, DP, etc.)
Once you finally get to the point where you think you know it all...
Then and only then do you realize how much further you still have to go. ~walter784~

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6ft 1/4in (and shrinking)
84 kgs (185 lbs)
Brownish (getting thinner with a few grey strands)
I wear what appeals to me!!! Doesn't have to be fancy or famous brand.
Scottish-American/American Indian/Luxembourg-Belgian-German/American. But personally, I just like to shorten it to plain non-hyphenated American!
Staunch conservative.
Keep your hand out of my pocket and you can keep your hand!
Still Active!!! (Still women Only!!!)
Still Married
3 Adult Boys
If you want to know anything about internet security, just post a message in my Network Security Website!

Learn to like yourself. If you cannot, then change yourself into somebody you will like. If you don't like yourself, chances are that others won't like you either!


Forrest Gump, G.I. Jane, Saving Private Ryan, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Green Mile