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Detroit, MI
January 30
Art, both making and viewing. Monet, Renoir, and Picasso are favorites.

Reading is a huge enjoyment to me. Ultimate sense of enjoyment that can't be outdone is when I finish a book.

Movies. I'll watch just about anything!

Time with family is a huge family is very relationship oriented.
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
I work for a local school district as a custodian. No, this isn't a chosen career, I do it to bring in income and prepare me for future employment.
Oooops! Did I say that out loud?
Public transit

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175 lbs
Jeans and t-shirts; Slacks and button up shirts; shorts and ratty old t-shirts.
I've had it...lost it...found it again...and uhm...where was I?
Conservative Independant...always have been. What's that mean? I don't trust any of them and I make my own choices.
What room number is it in?
I have my harem. There aren't many, and there aren't just a few. They actually keep me pretty busy. Yup that's right...f'n housework! How did that happen?!