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Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

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Flying kites
I read some pretty dry stuff. Certainly not Talk City conversation material.
Kiran Chetry mmm
Remember the Titans maybe the best movie of all time, Motivation: Lean on Me, Best Plot twist, The Last seduction, Erotic: FlashDance and Dirty Dancing. Romance: Titanic Idyllic anti war; The English Patient, Art fantasy, The Crow or Batman, Shocking commentary on life; Leaving Las Vegas: Most fun; Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Most fun romance; The Mask, Fathering & legacy Big Fish
House MD, Law n Order, Judging Amy
Dennis Franz is unbeatable. Nicholas Cage. Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Shue, Linda Fiorentino
Jazz, the best of everything else
Mindy Abair 23 and sooooo talented
NFL. Indy Car Racing, F1 Snorkeling snow skiing cross country hiking
Patriots; Danica Patrick whatever team she is on
Mexico, Mount Snow, St John, Key West , My boat
anything well prepared and very tasty