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Sage green/hazel
brown-blonde.. was blonde-brown
My statement: "I don't like to shop for clothing"
Disorganized Protestant with deep convictions
White-ish, unless it's summer, then I'm more.. um.. white-ish. Norwegian primarily by heritage.
Left leg raised, arms akimbo, right eye winking and tongue sticking out. Or.. um.. conservatively libertarian with liberal views on things like Jelly Fish.
Facing West
Based on what you've read, are you surprised I'm single?
I'm for children. I was against them once, but parents in shopping malls complained when I sat on their babies.
"It's against my programming to impersonate a deity" C3P0


Stephen Donaldson, Neil Stephenson, George R.R. Martin, Tim Cahill, Christopher Moore, J.K. Rowling
Lamb: Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, Road Fever, Storm of Swords, Cryptonomicon, Thomas Covenant Series,
Outside, Mental Floss, Reader's Digest, Under Current, Sport Diver, Nature, Physics Today, Science News
St. Paul Pioneer Press (for Bulletin Board), otherwise I get written news online: Yahoo News, Reuters, AP, NY Times.
Pearls Before Swine. Frazz. Bloom County (Original). Calvin and Hobbes. Foxtrot (for geek threads). Frank & Ernest (geek threads). Far Side.
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly -- Lee VanCleef..ooh la la! Star Wars (original 3), The Professional, Major League, Erik the Viking, Holy Grail, Harry Potter, M*A*S*H, WWII Propaganda Pics, John Wayne movies and Jimmy Stewart's stuff. Pirates of Caribbean and Benny and Joon
MASH, West Wing, Sports Night, News Radio, Taxi, Danger Mouse, Muppet Show, Red Green Show, Secret Life of the Machine, This Old House
Sam Neill, Jean Reno, Harrison Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, Audrey Hepburn, Johnny Depp (ignoring his politics) and a semi-closet Ben Affleck fan.
Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Folk, Classic, Classic Rock, and weird stuff
Elliot Smith, Keb 'Mo, Ella Fitzgerald, Supremes, The Band, Los Lobos, Shriekback, Lightning Hopkins, The Band, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, Stan Rogers
Personal: Scuba, volleyball, softball, biking, bowling College basketball, football, hockey NFL, MLB, NHL
UofMN Golden Gophers, Duke, UT Austin LongHorns, U of Vermont, Big 10, ACC, Vikings, Twins, Wild, Red Sox
Bonaire, North Shore of Lake Superior, South Carolina Coast, Disney w/a Beau, Road Trips to anywhere