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Essex, about 35 miles north of London, England.

I like a city environment. I like the material benefits that a city brings. It will make certain I can get a copy of The Guardian! As well as bookshops and wonderful coffee.

I've put 'female' because that's the way I think, that's the way I actually am, even though I don't always live as a female.

June 5
Astronomy, Writing, Amateur Drama, Radio, Music which includes classical, choral, modern jazz, folk, world and inevitably 1950s, 60s, 70's as that's the soundtrack of my youth.

I am a vegetarian. I love the challenge that veggie cooking presents.

Politics. Left of centre.

Retired from IT Support for students at a university. So I have now gone 'freelance' which hopefully allows me to be Marjie more often.
My hobbies might become my living.

'Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway' - I do that occasionally.

I am a trans-gendered person who aspires to be female.

My blog:

I wanted to wear female clothes ever since I was a small child. I got the chance when I was about 11 when opportunities presented themselves more!

I am an atheist. Read the Bible - (maybe that's why?)
I continue reading it. It's an interesting book.
Marjie is very feminine in character. Strong, although passive without being unduly submissive. (Being a sub is really hard work!).
Marjie would be a professional astronomer. (Ideal career). But when she got home would love being held, kissed and seduced.

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