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Nuevo México
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Started playing golf 6-1-01
Driver: Right now I'm using a 10.5 degree Titleist 905 knock-off with a TT Dynalite trimmed to stiff.
3&5 woods: Yanked the 3&5 woods because I couldn't hit them any more, got a 1&2 power play iron hybrid from Hireko in the bag.
3-PW: Bang Tour Tools w/S-300 DGs in the *home* bag, Tommy Armour 845 Musclebacks in the *travel* bag.
53°&58° Maltby Black ion M series w/TTDynalite Blackchrome Stiff
Putter: Maltby P.E.T.

P.S. Lessons are for girly men, if you can't buy a game you should quit!

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