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Houston, Texas
Text me anytime
February 16
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Tractor/trailer mechanic
"Yall can go to hell, Im going to Texas" D. Crockett
cc&d member #713
Sr. Officer of the L.L.F. Houston division.special operations...
Rest in peace, Trouble "Dog" Pearson

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Biker garb
I believe in Jesus christ and GOD.
Irish, scottish, polish, german, little native american.

I'm a mixed breed.
I don't know enough to have a say.
Married to a woman.
See above
son and daughter


choose not to read
see above
anything with pictures
and get my fingers all black
Im not 8
Boondock saints, Pulp fiction, Devils rejects
anything on Discovery, History or National Geographic
Who cares as long as the movie is good
anything rock
Minor threat, operation ivy, Thrice, Black flag, ZZ top, Pink floyd
fishing for flounder, speckled trout and redfish
Texans, astros, longhorns, and aggies
Watkins Glen NY.(4,099 miles in 8 days on a hardtail.) Kerrville Texas, (not to far from Houston but some damn good riding.)
Cajun, mexican, and of course seafood