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Fly-Over Country
April 7
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Arts/Entertainment - Guitar player for many, many years.
Music is a very tough but rewarding career. To all the young aspiring musicians out there I say, "Good F##king Luck"!
I don't R.P.G. Maybe a little R.P. and "I am a character..."

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6' 5"
Hazel & Brown
Black,silver jewelry, piercings and Leather.
Religion represents man's arrogance.
Politics are corrupt and can only be made something to trust by killing them all and starting over with people with no ties to anything.
I have an over powering love for mortal females.
I have two children, which I am extremely proud of:
1. A 23-year-old son who recently graduated from the University of Southern Illinois with an engineering degree and is a very good guitar player.
2. A 20-year-old daughter who is a tattoo artist and is very beautiful.
Hunt well, Feed well, Be well...


Clive Barker, Anne Rice
The Vampire LeStat
Playboy, Rolling Stone, Spin, Guitar Player, Guitar
Newspapers suck, move into this century
Life in Hell, BC
Matrix Trilogy, The Shawshank Redemption , Remember the Titans, Any given Sunday, We are Marshall
Anything U.F.C., Metalocalypse, Family Guy, Most all Adult Swim
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kate Beckinsale, Jenna Jameson, Johnny Depp, Steven Seagal
Metal Anything!, Hard Rock, Some Southern Rock, Blues, Jazz and Classical
Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Type O Negative, H.I.M., Sevendust, N.I.N., Pantera, Dark Intent (My band)
M.M.A., NFL and College Football
K.C. Chiefs (unfortunately)
The Caribbean
Seafood and Jim Beam