Ellie (TigerEyes19)

Ellie (TigerEyes19)

Ellie (TigerEyes19)
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Boston, Mass
March 15
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Life is a sexually transmitted disease.
- Unknown
Far too many to name

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Patricia Briggs, Laural K Hamilton, Elizabeth Peters, many more.
Anything History Related, Anything related to Geology and Rocks, The Fay Series by LKH And many, many, more.
meh ~.~
I read the world news online.
Red String, Looking for Group, Least I Could Do, Earthsong, Strays, The Becoming, Sinfest, Questionable Content
Love Movies!
Dexter, Dr. Who, Haven, Bones
Mmmmm Music..... Love it all except Death metal and most rap.
far to many
Hockey and Baseball
Love the Bruins, Yep I'm a Mets fan!
Ireland, Kentucky, Italy, Mmmmm Hawaii