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Northern California
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Life is like a box of chocolates! Some moments are sugar free and others are dripping in honey, while still others are covered in nuts.
Aj-Fahil 6th level Ranger-Elf, 5th level magic user

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brwn and pepper
Deck Shoes pull over sports shirts
occaisionally, leisure suits
Methodist, Star Trek - Science Fiction and open mindeness
Italian / English and basically Heinz 57
open minded conservative
67 degrees in relation to the Northern Plane ecliptic.
done hatched and 21 years of age
Hey! I'm NOT you, so sometimes we are going to disagree, but that's okay, the powers that be get a laugh that way!


Arthur C. Clarke;Diane Duane; Robert Heinlein, Vonda McIntyre, Amy Tan; Ray Bradbury
Childhoods End; 9 Bil. Names of God; They Came From The Sky, The Kitchen God's Wife
US News;National Review;Starlog; Discovery; L5 society newsletter.
Wall Street Journal;Sacramento Bee;San Francisco Chronicle; New York Times
2001: A space odyssy;Young Frakenstein;Planet of the Apes (Orginal) Casablanca; Field of Dreams; Galaxy Quest; Die Hard (#'s 1, 2 &4)
Star Trek;LOST;MASH;Home Improvement; Seinfeld, Mission Impossible; Man From U.N.C.L.E; Get Smart
Patrick Stewart;Jimmy Stewart;Tom Hanks; Jennifer Connaly;Judi Dench
Classical Rock Fusion Jazz-all of it in good measure
ELO;Yellow Jackets;Alan Parsons Project;Average White Band; Stanley Clarke; Bob James;Maynerd Fergusson; Al Dimeola; Simon and Garfunkel;Beatles; Eagles and Journey
Baseball;Football;Basketball;La Cross and anything in Sacramento
Oakland A's;SF 49ers;Washington Redskins; Sacramento Kings(NBA) River Cats -(PCL-A's farm) (wnba) Monarchs
Lake Tahoe;Hawaii;New Zealand
Chinese (Pressed Duck & General Tsau's Chicken);All American Steak, Buffalo wings (Both left and right)