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Orange County, California, USA
April 20
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Modeling is MY contribution to art and the creative process, and it gives me a sense of worth and fulfillment. Asked for by an artist, any pose is acceptable. Their success becomes my own...... Profile image is a my Barbarian King, created to inspire. Giving the male form and a touch of theme is lots of fun!

My curent profile image is a portrait done of me by artist Juila Young at a drawing session on May 15th. It is a combination of charcoal and pastels with a touch of acrylic paint and a watercolr wash. She gave it to me and I am very proud.

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5' 11"
a robust 250 lbs.
Long, Shaggy, Warm, Brown
Period costumes started me in modeling. Then I found out that I was just as well appreciated in nothing and so bared it all.
Always asking questions
Yes. I have a sexual orientation.
I'm currently uninvolved but I do like fun
of course... a bit later
I am available for any artist's use for any sort of pose. I take pride in being totally uninhibited... anything goes. just ask.