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The thing I'd appreciate most about living in the Southern Hemisphere is gravity. Because, well, you've seen a globe, right?
Some neighborhood kids came to my door the other day asking if I would donate for a new local pool. So I gave them 2 buckets of water.
I'd consider being a farmer. As long as it was on Pepperidge Farm. And I raised Milanos.
Feel free to PM me... no need to ask first. Somehow all the stalkers from Turkey have gone away from chat, so that means I'm even more willing to respond to PMs.
Ninja hauler
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt stole my identity.

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I tie my shoes.
Heck is where people go who don't believe in Gosh.
I'm American, where we are 234 years old but don't act a day over 14.
I find it amusing that some people post a long list of "rules" for how you need to conduct yourself in order to chat with this person. In response to this, I cite my short list of rules:
1) Don't be stupid

Oh, and as a favor to society, I'll add this one:
2) Don't limit rule #1 to just the chatroom
Sex is from the Orient? How do you say "straight" in Chinese?
I would never get into a relationship with an owl because my feelings would be hurt every time it pretended not to know me.

In other words, I'm single. But this does NOT mean the sole reason I am in chat is to see you naked. Un-thanks to those who ruin this concept for the rest of us.
I have none. But when I do, I'm going to name my son Waldo and then every time I can't find him it's going to be awesome.
Why do people come to chat with a bad attitude? If you're annoyed by people looking to have a conversation, a chatroom is not for you.


I think Hooters should start a home delivery service and call it Knockers.
Fire hazards are never a good thing. Except maybe in golf. That would be fun.
What's the best gym to pretend I go to?
My favorite Yoga position is Downward-Facing Nap
If you need a Facebook application to tell you what kind of cereal you are, I'll save you the suspense... you're a Froot Loop