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Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)

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Dark auburn with silver highlights comming in fast
The Trinity
British birth
Not communist, not socialist,
I'm for the person who has integrity,
and puts the people above their own gain.
is this question profiling?
I divorced 3 different men and choose to be platonic friends with all......
daughter,in 11th grade
son,in IL in 3nd year of college.
KNOWLEDGE dispels fear.

Never give up.

Get out of my face.

I carry an old splintered baseball bat in my vehicle, so if I say leave me alone, you can bet It's not a come on.


many & various authors
historical, informational& instructional (is that wierd?) I am interested in too much...
old organic gardening, wood, Mother Earth News.
online- Telegraph, NY, Louisville, St.louis, all major papers, just not daily.
andy capp and the LOCKHORNS
Shreck, Independance day, and really old westerns.Braveheart, The patriot.
news, weather.
my almost 16 year old daughter
Bluegrass, Christian, and what my daughter tunes on the car radio as I cant change the channel and drive too!
zepphlen, zztop, uncle dave macon, ...(lots of um)
hockey (GO BLUES) and foot ball if it isnt too close a match. I get too carried away and so watch alone.
Stlouis Blues Hockey and all football teams.
OBX, or a comfy chair any where in the quiet of nature.
veggies and venison, and what ever makes my mouth water, like milk chocolate frosting on a milk chocolate pudding cake, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm