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Central Georgia
Stop this planet and LET ME OFF!

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*hand on head* 'bout this tall.
*hands on hips* 'bout this wide.
light brown ('cept for the platinum highlights, which seem to be increasing.) And yes, it really is that long, Locks of Love donation coming up soon.
Laugh if you want, I'm comfortable.
Eclectic Pagan - NA, Shamanism, Healer.
Domestic Longhair.
Knees in the breeze!
Married, but looking for escape clause.
No thanks, already had two, and one of them has gone and made me a Gramma!
Wanna guarantee I'll never show back up in your forum? Send me a copied form letter type howdy.


King, Koontz, Adams, Evanovich.
Always reading something.
People, Reader's Digest
Local County Paper, tiny thing, only comes out once a week.
Not til they come out on video/DVD.
My tv stays on TVLand, TCM, AMC, the old stuff.
Mostly easy rock, but a little bit of everything.
I can nap to baseball. I'll run screaming from the room if you even mention feetsball. Love to play volleyball and racquetball.