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June 26
I enjoy working with kids, been a coach for 25 plus years. Very fond of Animals and I am an avid Whitewater rafter. If you enjoy a laugh and a smile I am your man.
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Truck Broker by Trade
A Random act of kindness makes the world turn. In the words of Akmid. You hurt a child I KILL YOU. You hurt a Woman I KILL YOU. You Hurt an animal I KILL YOU.
A good Donkey

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Theres plenty to go around
Hazel when open
Dark Brown
I wear clothes when I have to.
Christian, but I party if forced to.
pure Mutt
I lean to the left.
Can teach the practical. Failed the written test.
Little Gun shy, but will point out a bird if needed
Grown Son and Grown Daugther. The prides of my life. Five Granddaughters (one deceased) and a Grandson who light up my life.
To be able to laugh and smile is a reason to get out of bed in the Morning. Oh and needing to go pee.