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I choose thy path. Thy place I be. It concerns you none to know.

Long white hair. Dark shallow eyes. He still wears an old tattered cape with the old Ashe Clan symbol on it. No shirt adorns his chest. Loose black leather pants. Black combat boots cover his feet.

Now, he has changed with the times and wears solid black suits and crimson blood red tie, or just an undershirt, slacks, and dress shoes.


Born Damon Litticus. He is an aristocratic heir. Earning everything his father and mother left behind in their estate. To this day Damon, now known has Dagoth still has no clue as to what truthfully happened to his parents. He has his own thoughts even though their bodies were never found. Years after their death he was turned into a vampire. Centuries later he became the leader of his own clan of vampires. They were called the Ashe Vampires. He then centuries later took two children, a boy and girl from the land of Eupheria for his own purposes. The children are now the deceased King and Queen of Eupheria. They thought they had destroyed their evil creator but little did they know that they did not fully succeed with thier foolish attempts. He once returned to Eupheria to watch over them both. Now those days have exceeded certain limits and Dagoth once returned to searching for the other missing pieces to his 'evil incarnate' puzzle to only find himself now in limbo. Between Heaven and Hell. Trying to obtain any decent form back on solid ground. Visiting many of his former allies and enemies and trying to make amends he returned to Eupheria to find the King and Queen dead. He moved on to Sacrilege.



--Shadow Magic: Summoning of Shadow Minnions and/or Shadow Snakes. Shadow Tentacles/Chains.

-Weapons: Dagger, "Igneus Cruor" - "Burning Blood".
Sword, "Mucro of Obscurum" - "Sword of Darkness".
Axe, "Nex Paciscor" - "Death Dealer".

--Into Hell:
A black aura consumes his body. A dark hole opens and black tentacles come from Dagoth's aura. They attempt to send the opponent into the demonic hole, where devil demons and shadow snakes eat their way into the victim's soul. Consuming them to Hell.

Dagoth's faithful little minion Lucy is not far behind doing insane things as they go on their journeys.


Born: Damon Litticus

1-30s: Grew up being spoiled by his families wealth. Haveing anything and everything he desired.

30s-100: Taught the hard way by his creators.

100-167: Left his creators to find his own way.

167-304: UNKNOWN

304-691: UNKNOWN

691-945: UNKNOWN

945-1300: Returned to his roots in pursuit of taking back Eupheria. Only to fail and be in a literal struggle between God and Satan. They allowed him to walk on mortal ground again as it was not his time.

1300- Present: Arrived in Sacrilege. Found Avery Le Poure. He tried to love again with her and became her Bodygaurd when she became President of Sacrilege. The Presidency of Avery had Dagoth in the brisk of the limelight. Where he thought he could prosper. . After a wish from Abalahm, they become mortal once again for only one year. Conceiving children, Dagoth ached for his immortality to return. He loved and hated being mortal but soon he seeked Abalahm and gave the ashes of Niandra in and a live innocent soul in return for his immortality and the return of his son, Requiem. After many things went array he chose to hold a fake assassination of Avery and himself at their wedding. This went off without a hitch. They ran and hid in attempts to bring forth a vampiric revolution. This all only caused strife to manifest between Dagoth and Avery. She catered to their son Damon Jr. after the children were born. The other child, Blue was born a dead daughter. Everything happened so fast and in the process Dagoth and Avery split badly. He wanted more than she could give. His own self evil righteousness caused him to wander from their vows. Be who he was. Not what she wanted. Now Dagoth has placed himself in torpor for his own reasons. Soon will he rise to claim this world, cause hell and havok stronger than ever before.

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