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Inside your computer, you scared? Well you should be, because you're on Scare Tactics.
September 14
Extreme geekery of all sorts.
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
I'm the administrator. Don't you come to me with your complaints, I'll just send you away and call upper man....oh wait, that's me. Upper management. Heh heh.
live your life as we all know life has its uncertainties and opportunities
I'm kind of a cross between an alien(you know, like that alien in the movie Paul), and a unicorn that gives you radiation, pretty epic, right?

I'm a 1337 H4XX0R B10TCH!

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12 feet long if wings are spread out
blue and green mixed in with a lil bit of rainbow
my religion ran away from me
white as my teeth
who wants to know cuz it aint nobodies dam business
well i have 3 kids

Jakob Brayeden 7

Brandon Caleb n

McKenzie Danielle who are both 5


all of them if their funny, especially mjd.
college football and basketball and the NFL
go San Diego Chargers