Retchy (sdtrident)

Retchy (sdtrident)

Retchy (sdtrident)
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Santucky / San Diego, CA
February 15
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
any post 75 triumph is great transportation, but get an older bike for the true hooligan feel

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6' 4"
typical irish
bomb them all, lets start over
lets see, i ride old brit iron, like old cars, listen to punk, drink, fight, have a daughter, and am on my 3rd wife. i guess i'm gay
daughter, just turned 13
wanted: people to give me free vintage cycles. no reasonable offer refused


cormac mccarthy, bukowski, rudy wilson, fante
blood meridian, ham on rye, red truck, the brotherhood of the grape
juxtapoz, car kulture deluxe, survival/escape/evasion manual
san diego union
little oral annie
dark backward, clockwork orange, barfly, naked lunch
speed channel
my wife in bed
real mid-70's/early 80's punk, rockabilly, metal, almost everything
battalion of saints, germs, crass, gene vincent, j. cash, vaccancies
pool skating, snowboarding, surfing, drinking
3-somes are fun
anywhere as long as i'm not working
meat, potatoes, garlic