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Centennial Colorado
December 15
i like to read the twilight books and watch the movie and movies in general..I also enjoye writting poetry and hanging out with my sister she is my best friend in the world...
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
None/Not employed
life sux
my ride is a 1994 buick centry

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short 5'4
is strawberry blonde with lighter blonde highlights
Where what you like what makes you feel like you..dont care what other's think if they dont like they way you dress then let them..
dont really have one but i do belive in god
White...90% german and also i little bit of irish and indian
i dont have one i could careless about politics
Someday i would love to adopt kids


Chicken Soup books, umm.idk dont read much
I dont read magazine's much so idk
I rarely raed the new papers..
Saw1 &2, The nightmare before Christmas, umm...alot more..
Intervention, Untold stories of the ER, Muary, Invader Zim
Adam Sandler.actors that are funny
i like a wide variety of music..
Distured, Papa roach
Dont realy watch sports..
Foot: Miami Dolphin's Hockey: The Avalnche
Softball, sk8boarding, roller racing, & hockey..
Chinessee and Itialian...