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dark blonde
casual, but like to look good. i think the 70's look might be coming back. maybe i'll dig up my old courdoroys. oh wait, i don't think my waistline is the same as it was 25 years ago. never mind. :-)
no organized religion, but spiritual.
liberal. all for one and one for all, and all that.
i missed the damn class? no wonder i'm having such lousy luck with the ladies!
still searching for my soulmate. are you out here in chatland? i am open to relocate.
none. does a cat count?
love hugs and kisses. travel, and reading. also an animal lover. dancing. music. i am just looking for someone who has a great heart who would like to share it with me. life is too short to spend it all alone.


al franken, howard zinn
lies and the lying liars who tell them.
the nation. the progressive.
ny times.
garfield. far side. bc.
shawshank redemption. blazing saddles. hannah and her sisters
david letterman. raymond. 70's show. 24.
gene hackman. nicole kidman. sean connery. nicolas cage. robin williams.
classic rock, easy listening, classical.
beatles. barry white. bruce & e st. band. bto. doobie bros.
basketball, baseball, football, hockey
wisc. badgers, sf 49ers, cinn.reds, milw. bucks.
cali. arizona, florida, mexico. would like to see europe
chinese, mexican, italian