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Southwestern Pennsylvania
August 16
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

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6 feet 3 inches
265 pounds(more or less!)
brown eyes
black hair
just a casual dresser
I'm Roman Catholic and proud of it!
African American,with some relatives who are Irish
Republican...if the Democrats take over the White House in '08,that could be the death of our country!
I am a straight male.
I am single,but still looking for a good woman!
At this time,I don't have any kids...
Honoring the life and work of Father Edward Hinds as the Year for Priests draws to a close......It is a dream where each person can find a home, a community in which they belong,
whether young or old, rich or poor, conservative or liberal, single, married, divorced,
separated, man or women. We have too long been separated into like-minded groups and
have lost the true sense of Church in which all are one and the diversity and giftedness of
each is essential for the vibrant life of faith. - Fr. Ed Hinds


my favorite comedian(and only fave from Hollywood)-Greg Fitzsimmons!
any kind...
I love all kinds of sports.
Kansas City Royals, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Bucks, Sacramento Kings, Buffalo Sabres, San Diego Chargers, Iona College can follow these replays of my favorite teams in the Replay Sports Game Forum and the Tabletop Sports Game Forum!
Burgers,chicken,diet pop,hot dogs,potato chips,Doritos,and other snacks...

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