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Hyperv (hyperactive6)
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Singapore, SG
December 15
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Rule I go by:
1) Live life 1 day at a time.
2) Be happy always.
3) Always remember things happen for a reason.
4) Life is never fair, :pppfftt

Life is uncertain but its the uncertainty that makes life worth living for.

Life is beautiful so live today not yesterday or tomorrow.

Do Things today so you dont have any regrets tomorrow.

Date to Note: What date? :ppffttt
Character? Heck 50 plus nick aint enough?

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172cm...1.72m.... 5' 4"
Almost 130 Lbs
I have sight
What you expect from an asian guy?
Casual..anything goes as long it fits me well.
Sex?? Heck the nick suppose to say something aint it?
What ad? You mean I'm suppose to degrade myself here?

Pc Tech Help? You sure about that? I using the dummies book y'anno!!!


Action, Action & Sex, Sex and more Sex, lol...
Anything that has a beat to it.
Any active kind will do...
Well I aint much of a place goer but I go where my feet takes me...
Anything that has a taste to it :ppp