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USA, Southeast
December 5
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
It's another freakin' frog! Grow a brain, then use it!
What I have is a red car with four tires, a steering wheel, and a few other amenities. What I want I cannot have, so I've settled for my red car with...

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Salt, Paprika and Allspice
Fashion? You gotta be kidding! Talk about *too many frogs*!
No religion; just wonder and respect for others.
Mutt: Ukrainian, French and English.
Hetero--I've liked men ever since my last cootie shot wore off!
Married, happy, satisfied.
Yes, we played "genetic roulette" once, won, and left the table.


Anne Rice, Crichton, Du Brul, Evanovich, J.M.Auel, Ray Bradbury, etc.
Earth's Children (series), Rice's Lestat of TVC, The Haunted Mesa, 2150 A.D., etc.
Calvin and Hobbes
Literally HUNDREDS, but these top the list..., About Time, Frequency, In Your Eyes, John Carter, Loverboy (1989), The Pelican Brief
Again, hundreds, with these toppers:, Alias, Jericho, Lie to Me, Orphan Black, Veronica Mars
Easier to list the few I dislike..., Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jude Law, Steven Seagal, Will Ferrell
Strings are my thing: Cellos, guitars & violins...Celtic music, Classical, (love Haydn, Mendelssohn, Philip Glass & Yo-Yo Ma), Downtempo, Guitar Rock, Goth, and everything else, except Fusion Jazz.
Too many to name; so, some highlights..., Apocalyptica, Cr├╝xshadows, David Bowie, E.S. Posthumus, Joe Satriani, Muse, Rammstein, the Rolling Stones, 69 Eyes, Stroke 9, Tom Petty, 2Cellos, Yothu Yindi, etc.
Mountain beaches, NYC, SF-Bay Area, DC, BC, Australia, England, Ireland and Scotland.
I am a work in progress., I'm currently about 90% Paleo, 7% Primal, and 3% Prepared Living., My goal is Paleo/Prepared, but the ratio is yet to be determined.