TOUCHNHEAVEN... (touchnheaven)

TOUCHNHEAVEN... (touchnheaven)
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bc canada
April 11
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
love is a slow suicide

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5feet almost 4 inches
110 pnds
blonde ish
comfortable and casual.
I am not religious, I live by faith.
I hate politics
love is a slow suicide
4 boys and 1 girl


Lil heppers
I hate news , its mostly bad
C. S. I. Cold Case files. 48 Hours.
all music, love music. soothes savage beast within....
Fergie pink keith urban Ozzy
favorite sport, I cant put on this on here, this site is family orrintated.
bed and bath
sunflower seeds, greek salad and then strawberries , bananas covered in yougert. YUM... seperatly severed of course