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29 palm trees here
July 22
walks looking at life / cinemas / collecting old steel tool things / drawing / grinding steel at times / talking to people , hanging with them
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
not employed but keeping active
' go after things really true not just popular' [ popular can be bad ]
my feet as I like walking and cannot drive a car , but seen some doozies out there
Indiana Jones ??

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hazel blue
grey now
casual and cool / not too dressy uppy and where a brain in de head'
European descent
good standards / conservative basically
none because only after marriage
looking, but not in a big hurry


various authors n books
good books to build the knowledge, bible and books about ancient history
any true , conservative papers
some Disney classics , Fantastic Voyage, I am Legend and Time Machine/ The lovely Bones/Kingkong
ncis, csi miami, hogan's heroes, In the heat of the night, get smart
Kevin Costner/Morgan Freeman/, Clint Eastwood
classical n others Nature sounds'
only walking n exploring and some track [running]
not into sports usually / only exercise or good walks
anywhere with trees and exotic
hamburgerzz .. yumm, bananas / pretzels/ pizza/ ice cream too