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A barrier island off the east coast
December 9
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
The old man said to the young man that there are 2 kinds of people, sun people and fog people. The young man answered that he didn't know which type he was. Ah, said the old man, the fog will do that to you.

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shrinking as well
when not jaundiced?
natural, colored or fallen out?
Love fashion, have no patience wearing fashion - sorry to say that a woman CAN get too old for hi-heels.
I believe in a Higher Power, I am unwilling to believe that that Power is exclusionist.
Heinz 57 - Look like my Irish grandmother, but act like my Swedish grandfather...
Love it!
Married to a fabulous man that I refer to as The Monster - but in a good way.
Could make them, but apparently not bake them...
Live Life with Abandon!!


Love the Thrillers!!
In Style, People. Hey I've read Newsweek & Time, but I live in reality...
Love the Dallas Morning News, however I live somewhere where they think spell check is an adequate editor.
All About Eve, The classics, Oh yeah & the Last of the Mohicans, Thank You for Smoking (a great reason to take debate in high school), The Missing directed by Ron Howard...WOW!
Modern Family, SMASH & The River are my new favorites
George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Holly Hunter Oh this list could go on forever. Katherine Hepburn, Betty Davis, Kevin Spacey, John Travolta (now, not during the Welcome Back Kotter years)
All of it!!! Married a bass player so love good rythmn
Dixie Chicks, Harry Connick Jr., Macy Grey, Oh this too could be a long list - & it changes... Toured with the Staple Singers & others in the 80's, sang with Willie a couple of times....LOL
Sailing (if you are actually just sitting in the boat while everyone else is working - maybe you shouldn't call it a sport....hmm)
My Texas family expects me to say the Dallas Cowboys...but really...
Live in one!!
When I had an apetite, I loved spicy, ethnic & many many choices. Now I like whatever I can keep down, & I can always seem to keep down Lobster!!!!