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Yvette (Hot_Latina_Mama)

Yvette (Hot_Latina_Mama)
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Your Momma's House
February 5
Not You so don't bug me!
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Kicking Ass and taking names!
Licensed Cosmetologist
I'm Married! I don't pm! I'm not here to cyber I'm here to have fun and make new friends!
The short bus... I met my hubby there he licks the windows! lol!

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It's Not nice to ask a Lady!
Look at newest pic for color
Jeans and a Top and Sandals! I am a Cali girl what do you Expect!
Spirtual but I don't believe in organized Religion
I vote just so I can complain!So if you don't vote don't complain!
Whats Sex!
2 boys
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Romance Trashy Stuff Basically Porn without pics
Anything that trashes celebs
only for my horoscope
40 year old virgin, Anchor Man, Serendipty, Total Recall, The Event Horizon, Someone Like You, The Notebook, Pride and Predjudice, and much much more
Cops, Househunters
Rachel McAdams, Clive Owen, Bill Paxton, and some others I can't think of right now, Hugh Jackman
HipHop, R&B, Rock, Oldies, Almost anything except country
Muse, Chris Brown, Trey Songz
Is that the thing where guys grab their balls and smack eachothers asses
The one with the cute little sun on their shirts
Puerto Rico, Mexico, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, SanDiego, any place with camping and by camping I mean Cabins I dont do the tent Thingy or kicking it with the bears and bugs Yuk!
Chinese, Mexican, Italian, My Mom's cooking, Mom your the Shiznito!