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Baseball, camping, fishing, walking the beach for hours and hours, working in the yard, snow skiing, walking...I have yet to find the perfect waterfall but the search is awesome.
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

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above average
just right
light brown
I believe in divine intervention.
Pure bred
Politics are extremely aggravating
possibilities are...endless
yes...and they both rock!
I believe in this great country I live in and thank those that are sacrificing themselves and their families for standing guard every single day. I have a special connection with those that are the tip of the know who you are.


Batman (duh), Top Gun, Capt America, Lord of the Rings
Rock and roll, southern rock, hard rock, R&B and even some smooth jazz if the mood is right
Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey
ATL all the way baby!
South Florida, Colorado, Montana
Seafood, spicy cajun, grilled chicken caesar salad, bbq, and the occasional but mmm good steak on the grill