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Curlin Bandwagoneer (megawallace)

Curlin Bandwagoneer (megawallace)
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August 23
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

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5'6" and 3/4, every inch counts
About the same as a well fed hog
brown/ prematurely gray
I wanna be a drag queen, enough said.
white as sliced bread
Over the, Curlin for President (that sounds so much better)
Was I supposed to have one? I didn't in high school or college. Do you get an orientation when you go off to work?
Taken for 12 years, where is my ring?
Three orange ones. Melvin, Wendell, and Nathan. Oh, and there is the dog too.
SWF seeking TB lvr. Must be hot. Preferably REALLY hot.