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Oscoda, Michigan
May 26
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
quilter, and wedding minister
Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape!

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5'1" on a good day ...
140 but workin on less ...
green ... real green
blonde with a few silvers you have to really look for
daily? jeans and whatever. i love sweaters. suits for weddings and funerals. always dressed badly at offsprings' weddings. but then there's this liddle black dress ....
sigh. i like the commercial on USA when Divya says "i believe that all paths lead to God". i suppose on paper I'm an Anglican (that's roman Catholics who flunk latin or want divorces). But i can't factor out my Celtic wiccan roots, either ...
Celtic. i mean, if i can't prove lineage to before 1066, i'm most likely a mutt. or a feline version of mutt (hence the green eyes).
well, i'm convinced that if the women who did such a wonderful job in the workforce in WWII would have put down their tools and gone back home to raise the kids, and cement the family unit, we'd be in better shape. I'm pretty conservative, though ... but awful glad nobody elected ME to office. Nope. don' want that job.
all female
married for the 7th and last time. when i bury this one, i'm getting a dog.
Heather (36) Laura (27, and mother of 2), and William (24).

the rest are four footed and feline ...

2 grand children
5 grand cats
5 grand dogs.
the grand hamster died.
what she said. it was really well put.