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Baltimore metro area of Maryland
December 18
I enjoy trains, some traveling, walks, some video games, being on the beach, and pretty much open to anything, will answer any further questions
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
work for a private mobility company, and drive a wheel chair van
try to keep it simple.

Life is stressful as it is, try not to let the little stuff bother you because they will lead to ulcers and hemorrhoids which are pains in the ass that will lead to more serious health problems.

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blonde to brown
dress down- jeans and t-shirt
will dress up if have to
registered libertarian, but more independent/mid ground
don't really like dicussing politics
I have no children
Not available/spoken for


Beetle Bailey, Garfield, Wizard of ID, BC
Airplane 1 &2, The Naked Gun series, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Scrubs, South Park, Glenn Beck, The O'Rielly Factor, Anderson 360
rock mostly, when hip hop/rap first came out
Aerosmith, led Zeplin, Phil Collins/Genesis, Bad Company, AC/DC, Ozzy, basically 60s to early 90s, Stevie Ray Vaughn, too many others to mention
Ocean City, MD, Monterey Penninsula, willing to find other spots
pizza, spagetti, pancakes, french toast, cheeseburgers, willing to try others