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Im in the usa, thats all that needs to be known for now
May 30
i like taking care of my younger bro and sis, i like havin fun, video games, writing, i like sports and stuff like that, CROSS FIT LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER!!!
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
Im workin at a bar called Joes Hip Hop Shop, Im a bartender, decent work, ALSO Im a full time student in PT
RoDChick, which for the less inclined, means Ride or Die Chick,

Inside alone
this world's coming down on me again
Nowhere to run to
as these twisted thoughts flow through my head
I never wanted to break away
Can't help that I don't feel the same
And now I'm standing here
asking myself if I'm to blame

These silent words you'll never hear
These frozen thoughts will not appear
And I'm breaking down inside of me
Still no one sees.....
i drive my ex's 2001 Trans Am, lol, cuz he cant, he got arrested right after we broke up, but he left me the car so that i could get around, so yay, i got a car leave this one for the WoW freaks

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one hundred and *mumble mumble*
they are hazal-y without contacts
lol, i do whatever i feel like doing....on that day.
is something i dont talk about, I have a hard time believing everything is planned after all the shit Ive seen
caucasian, whatever, IM WHITE, lol
my political stance is i have no political stance! lol
im like 90% straight, cuz if like Jessica Simpson or Angelina Jolie told me to #### em, lol, i would..... (addition) lets add Eva Longoria
i am single and ready to mingle, lol,
none so far, but i totally want a baby within like the next 10 years or so, tho I do take care of my lil bro n sis full time since they now live with me
lol, im not goin there