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February 17
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
my ride is 45 feet long and has about 47 seats

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tall enough to reach the tunafish
yes i'd like to stand on some politicians...
widowed and not looking
has 2 grown


thrillers and sometimes mystery, horror and war stories are my favs
i only read the comics and celeb birthdays ,,,usually, and I hate the comic strip called Lio
I like peanuts (who doesn't?...Hagar...Beetle Bailey ......basically most except Mary Worth ,Lio. Rex Morgan, Doonesbury and Dilbert
horror comedy and generally all except romance movies
oh and i like american gladiators and of course sttng , i dont watch any tv :only if its from the 80s reruns or 70s reruns everything else sucks
All the action stars, Like Clint, Charles, Chuck and others
oh and opera country and hiphop (gag me with a tractor-trailer), everything except rap(crap) (but i do like fresh prince sugarhill gand a nd hammer(u can't touch this)
too many to list but including rush ac dc kansas boston>>others
steelers football of course....
see above
whats this??
whatever doesn't bite me first