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René Haché (Winter Tights Boy) (wintertights)

René Haché (Winter Tights Boy) (wintertights)
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New Brunswick, Canada
August 29
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
Computer Related (Software)

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175 cm (5'9")
~150 lbs
Unisex clothing and/or clothes that I think should be unisex.
None / Atheist
White French Canadian / Acadian
Asexual ( )
Single forever (Aromantic)


Any computer related book...
Garfield, Ziggy, Archie, Reynold Unwrapped, Working Daze, and over 100 more...
The Boy in the Dress, Bruno (2000), Ma Vie En Rose, Ready? OK!, The Grinch, Spy Kids 2, and many more on my Facebook...
Many Disney Channel Shows..., Many Nickelodeon shows..., Degrassi, The New Normal, Channel: Disney Channel Canada, Channel: YTV, Channel: Family Channel, Channel: HGTV Canada
Nightcore, Radio: PulsRadio, Radio: Radio Danz, Hands Up, Hardstyle, Smooth Jazz, Zecchono d'Oro / Piccolo Coro, Kinderen Voor Kinderen, Trance, Dance
Bowling, Pool, Curling, Mini Golf, Badminton
On the Internet
Donuts ( just seeing the word make me hungry :-P )