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The hand state.
Computer games, rpg or adventure, or strategy.
Tabletop gaming.
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
"Don't try to steal something thats already yours" "who said chat rooms are not pants optional?" "My hovercraft is full of seals" feet are factory standard. They seem to function fairly well, and thats my main "ride"

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I Don't Do Fashion.
Mutt. Qualifies As Caucasian Though.
Anything in the middle that uses logic, common sense, and actual real THOUGHT.
Autobot Omnivore

For a longer answer, read on.. it is long. If you not care, do not bother.

Yeah, I don't list my sex. Reason being, This site has only two options. As I am one who pretty much always knew the letter for their sex on their official paperwork was wrong, although few know it, I REFUSE to put the wrong one down here where i am being open about this... BUT not wanting to mislead people either, and as am still in hiding from most on this in real life and therefore have not modified anything if you get the meaning, not about to put the other down.

So M to F ts, yeah, ask if you must, but please, not trying to derail conversations evertime someone notices this detail in my profile like has happened in the past. woohoo.

Ok.. Um, Whats in YOUR closet?
once again single. And want to stay that way.