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on earth, yet seated with CHRIST in the third heaven, far above all principalities and powers.

for those "with inquiring minds" ...

Yes: i am lenbenhear/Len. No: i am NOT adelpit, and he is NOT me. we are entirely separate persons WHO LOVE JESUS CHRIST AND THE SCRIPTURES.
- those who slander me on this issue (or any other) WILL ANSWER TO GOD. - He doesn't take kindly to slanderers. - believe me: IT'S A FACT. and there are MANY guilty of the sin of slander in today's wicked wicked world.

yes: i like adelpit. he is my friend.
end of story.


IS ? adelpit who he claims to be ?
if i were GOD, ... i'd tell you.
since *you* are NOT GOD, ... you don't need to try to "tell me."

got it? I'm tired of people "playing GOD" and constantly "judging" others on their little tinny-tin thrones.

July 29
learning, growing, pressing into the fullness of GOD'S KINGDOM where EVERYTHING IS ETERNAL.
Education and other amusements. ... including teaching and writing.
GOD sets every wrong RIGHT. and GOD ALWAYS humbles the proud, the arrogant, AND THE PRESUMPTUOUS. !
* Daniel 12:1-5 + verse 10 *
He's always looking for an honest heart of someone willing to repent and be CONVERTED, ... and to become Christlike.
today there are MANY who PRETEND to be "Christians".
ladies and gentlemen: GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER ! ... The Reckoning is right around the corner . . .
those who slander and attack others: do satan's job for him. ... the wages are NOT good. - they never are.
repent and change you evil ways quickly. there is very little time left to do so.

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Spirit-born Christian in growth process to perfection. member of Universal, Eternal Body of YESHUaTHeLORd1GOd Who reigns forever in heaven and on earth.
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Those who speak evil and do evil shall be rewarded accordingly: meaning: punished according to the wickedness of their motive.

many today are fake christians who continually do the work of satan, the slanderer and the accuser.


Tozer, Ravenhill, Lucado, Randy Alcorn. The Holy Spirit/YahOvah-Shammah
THE BIBLE, interpreted by THE HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTHe.
today's 'christians'
Dennis Jernigan, Marty Goetz, Paul Wilbur. Don Moen.
Hebrew-Christian Steamrollers
The Will & Word of GOD.