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Currently in Northern, CA
Grew up in NH and then was in Boston

Proud owner of KMS Saloon!
Come visit and Play!


November 7
cycling, joggin, road trips, camping, hiking, backpacking AND NOM NOM NOM
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
seeking that which fills this hole in my chest and the cavity in my skull.
Orange Honda Fit-2008
Trek 1000-2003
Novara Ponderosa-2006
Gary Fisher Marin - beater bike
Backpack, Boots, Trekking Poles!

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you can step on me
you can lift me
brown and white like a cow
clothes if i remember. :) jk. i hafta have a funeral soon for a pair of jeans. does that say something? it might. i am ok with that tho.
"i kissed a tree and i liked it, i hope my GF dont mind it"
i am a corn-fed Sasquatch imported from the cave of an underground river that the government has found and not let you know about. my family still lives there.
politics has trickled into every orifice of every detail of life. do we really need to be reminded that life is a gift, we are all equal, and lets join together for the success of our species rather than the destruction of earth. well, i will stop there.
i am infact very sexually oriented. thank you kindly for asking.
At this juncture in time I'm hopeful and optimistic to the possibility of very good things. That being said...

if ur perving me and stalking me on instant messanger ill ignore you. go away. im happy happy and content and im not taking applications at this time!!!
haha. hehe. i'll borrow urs and pretend they are mine. but only if i can give them back when they cry!
Ask and you shall receive. Tho, I'm not for sale.


butterfly effect, donnie darko, the jacket, girl interupted, momento
house, grey's anatomy, private practice, bones, CSI, Law & Order
mmm angelia jolie, denzel washington
folk, rock, country, alternative
sugarland, anne heaton, edie carey, ani difranco, melissa ferrick, rose cousins, dierks bentley, tim mcgraw, taylor swift
I love watching football, I enjoy playing soccer, I enjoy playing lacrosse, I enjoy equestrian
New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox
lots of things!