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San Francisco, Ca
Politics, Flying, running, travel, beaches etc
politics (not elected)
a Golf
* I don't want to cyber or roleplay or talk to you on the phone
* If something about me makes you angry or irritatied, try PMing me and we'll see what we can do.
* Don't send me a rude message saying that you think IM a dude or whatever if you haven't even bothered to chat with me
*" Your" and "you're" are not the same. Please know the difference.
*"Mmmmm" is the mating call of a sad, sad perv. If thats you, go away. Far away.

please don't narrate your actions.

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When you can prove it, I'll believe it. But until then, enjoy it yourself.
I'm an educated woman that thinks for myself, so figure that out. (that means I'm a liberal democrat) & if that bothers you #### right off.