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Los Angeles
January 31
Travel, fine dining, go to the movies, yoga and meditation, hiking, camping, fishing, and etc.
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
God damn gonna crucify you you little wretch!
My feet is my only carriage, so I've got to push on through, but while am gone a mean.....everything is going to be alright...

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165 lbs
For myself, I don't have one since I do not have that special woman that would dress me to her taste. But for me, I love when a woman is sexily clad. I love spending on sexy outfit and lingerie for her.
Black of Jamaican descent.
Prefer not to say.
Free, single, and disengaged.
One son.
I am high every day and I am not smoking ganga, crack nor anything. I am high on the love of God. My name is Constant. I am from Jamaica, West Indies and I live in Los Angeles. I have a bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN_RN).

I am a very romantic, yet very spiritual person. I am not with anyone at the moment and I am available to anyone who is open minded and interested.

I f you want to be high on the love of God like I do, please visit this site: