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March 5
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Treat everyone as if they are your new best friend

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Brunett with highlights
Current styles.
Yes, I teach my grandkids that God lives in our hearts. My grand daughter ask me who lives in the squares, circles and triangles!!
So cute!
Cau., American
Love my husband
Married to the best man for me!
1 son, and two wonderful bonus kids and of course my 8 sweet grandkids!
HCV Stats=1a
Stage 1 Grade 3

1979 rec'd injection of Rhogam after birth of my son (blood product)

TX started 5/8/09
Pegasys 180 - Riba 1000
48 week tx plan

Starting VL 1,591,00
4 week VL 218,000
10 week VL 3,065
22 week VL 61

UD sometime between week 29 - 31

Relapsed, discontinued tx week 41

***********************October 2011***********************
Starting new triple tx...Incevik, Interferon and Ribavirin

VL 336800

UD week 4

Relapsed, tx stopped May 2012

**********************January 2014**************************
Met with my gastro & decided to wait at least another year for the oral only tx before doing tx again.

Insurance (Western Health Advantage) declined to cover cost of doing treatment again, stated my liver wasn't bad enough. Will try again at later time after their purse stings loosen up!

Insurance declined treatment 2 more times, now gastroenterologist is going through a mediation process for me, trying to get Harvoni...or any treatment!??

********************************October 2017******************

FINALLY!!! Insurance approved Zepatier with Ribavirin.
Doing treatment for the 3rd time...fingers crossed ??


Any & all as long as they can write to keep my interest
Mystery, suspence
I love my magazines!
Read one everyday
My grandkids are my comics
NOT...boxing, racing, kungfu stuff, or sport related movies.
Current, Ngeo, Food Channel, Love my HGTV, History Channel
My favorites are all dead :-((( The old classic stars.
Any music I can understand the words to.
Shopping is the best!
My family is my team!!
Any spot that has family there.
Yeah, I like food, don't you? :-))))