Fairy (insanefairy)

Fairy (insanefairy)

Fairy (insanefairy)
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Texas and proud of it !!
July 1
Family, Friends, Bar-B-Q's, Swimming, shooting pool, Horror Movies. The Walking Dead, Moonlit Picnics By The Lake, Chatting, Cooking, My Son, Thunderstorms, Rain, Hot Coffee, Music, Weird People, Reading, Board Games, Computer Games, Romance and lots of other stuff.
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Behavior Modification Therapist
Be Yourself , Because at the end of the day , the person staring back at you in the mirrior is a reflection of who you really are. ~ME~

Hurtful words are easier left unspoken, than mending the heart that they have broken ~ME~

To Thine Own Self Be True ~Shakespeare~
"The Blue Bullet"

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5'3 barefoot
Blue/Grey (sometimes a touch of green depending on clothing)
I am more comfortable in Shorts and a T-shirt and a pair of flip flops or sandals . But I can dress up if the occasion demands it .
I dont discuss religion . Lets just say that I believe in something and leave it at that .
Just a mutt . Scandinavian, German and American Indian (Blackfoot)
Totally Straight!
In love with my best friend
Yes I have a son who is 9. He is my entire world. And he comes first in my life.
I am not an Angel , I am far from it. I make mistakes and often disappoint those that mean the most to me . I am my own worst enemy. I often hide behind smoke and mirrors to keep people from seeing whats really going on in my head.

"HEAVILY medicated for your protection"


Too damn many to mention .. SRV , Godsmack, Pink , Pink Floyd , and on and on and on
Football , Boxing, Yep , you gotta love the full contact sports !
Dallas Cowboys, Texas Long Horns
Mexican , Chinese, Ribeye Steaks cooked Med Rare , Fried Chicken , Southern Homestyle Cooking