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Is in quiet country side of Buchanan Georgia very wide area of land.In rural area far from city of Traffic.Nice quiet at time's hear dogs howl at night cow's Mooooo!! And coyotes too area of place that peace is ever!
March 25
My Interest are as long eye can see you shall see far away beside be alive is that,I chat here in Pengy's Place our not this room,Is still here up and running now,so come in enjoy room and chat with Friends and good ole grand theme shall Be!
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
None semi old and ugly disabled no work fellow here..other wise I here! Hopefully be same old fart as be....
Man if You only Bend cookies with out them breaking in Piece's, Other wise as Owl say Early bed keep doctor away unless he our she not looking under the Bumper!!
Well so far update i still have same car with Miles Need Tires Battery Me, two drive if can yet depend's of legs can may have ride Van!
So i figure i re-do last in forum i did Post at there,so I decide add some humor which i try....wow what light thru yon windows break,Oh look it' just my Neighbor far away can be any person,I just though this out head now! Anyway all quiet in land not creature is stirring, around
(unless count Me) I do hear coyote's howl and dogs bark outside if listen...sometimes when rain platters on roof ah yes as you awake in (what ever state you lived) a great place live,after all I In Georgia,land of far down from state of your's so wise you be as Painted be,alas for dawn breaks like glass that scatter's on floor!

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Okay since i guess 5-ft our so best got here
Well let's say I am who is
There same as when join 2009 here And still been Male as long ago as time began for Me!!
Afraid i got older my hair is silver color soon be bald
I see Fashion Statement what ever have wear I shall,place over Me may not win Fashion police award but hey...
Not for sale same as before here just not like tell you what is so best fact's is all can say!
I am male white and is that since born 1957 Look old gray and ain't what I use to Be However what color has two do with who we are all same inside!!
I pround of are country and vote for whomever is deservin of the Job in are land of freedom and Joy in USA!
Good News Been update 99% Male the other 1% is raw element of Un-known volume's of deep deep never found!!
I been Single forever folk's sorry that way ball bounce and never came Back...
Really not had wife so not have Children at all so that it...
Well what to say beside's fact I am who shall be forever More thru time march's slowly ,Just fact is I am nice then Ham Sandwich with little Onion's on top!


Andy Capp, Ripley's Believe it our Not, Peanuts, Nancy, Blondie, Family Circus, Dick Tracy
Well there More so no not watch X rated Movies R=Rated sometimes yes!!, Naked Gun, Dirty Harry's Movies, Airplane, Who Frame Roger Rabbit, Patton
Who's Line is It Anyway?, Sports show's, I just say like some Cartoon's will not name so folk's want think i strange!, Let's Make A Deal!!, Master Chief Jr., Price Is Right, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chief
Classical, Rock N Roll, Oldies of 60's
There's many other's i liked, ABBA, Beatles, Kiss, Boston Pops
Atlanta United Major League soccor, Georgia Tech, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, Georgia Bulldogs
I wish heh!!
Fish with chips, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, healthy choice Meals, Our what is best that not bad for You