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Danger Jane (leroy_black)
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Edmonds, WA
Project Manager at a marketing agency
"When in Rome..."

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I have never ever worn a pair of leather pants.
Trying to cut back...
BIR baby #1 born 2014 - Jack **First ever BIR-bred**
BIR baby #2 born 2016 - Max
I name inanimate objects. Hence, "TJ" the Thruxton and "Leroy" the Nightster. And I suck at riding and filming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yNHjee4MXY


Paulo Coelho, John Steinbeck
Monkey Wrench Gang, The Alchemist, Tortilla Flat
Physics Today (invisible edition), NatGeo
On the Watefront and that kind of cool old stuff, Anchorman, On Any Sunday, Big Fish, Dumb and Dumber!!
Walter Matthau, Marlon Brando, Tina Fey
Classic Rock, Oldies, Arr n Arr
Johnny Cash, Amos Lee
MN Vikings, Cal Bears
Lake Tahoe
Homemade mac n cheese