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Texas - Houston
January 3
People fascinate me
I can go anywhere, experience anything with a book
Music is a reflection of my heart and soul
I only want to watch movies that make me laugh out loud, cry like a baby.... I want to feel their story, not just see it.
Senior Operations Manager
Project/Safety Manager ~ Industrial
Commercial Construction
Live like there is no tomorrow....Laugh like no on is listening...Dance like no one is watching....Love like you have never been hurt before.

If you are going to be had better be tough.

You can't fake blonde I don't care what color your hair is.

It is not healthy to like or be liked by everyone

Never underestimate the power of stupidity
2014 Stang
WTH is a RPG Character?

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Strawberry Blonde
A smile goes well with anything
I have faith

If you see her out tonight and she tells you it's just the lights that bring her here and not her loneliness, that's what she says, but sometimes she forgets
If she tells you she don't need a man, she's had all the comfort she can stand, you best believe every word she says, but don't give up cause sometimes she forgets.
And sometimes she forgets that not to long ago she swore, she wasn't gonna let her heart be broken any more
So now she keeps it locked away, woaw and it grows colder every day, and it won't warm to any man's caress, that's what she says but sometimes she forgets.


Barnes & Nobles Color Nook
Peanuts, Why else do ya buy the Sunday paper?
Country, 80's Soft Rock, 90's Soft Rock, Anything but Screaming Metal and Gangsta Rap
Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Nascar