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: I live in Tennessee but was born and raised in Detroit Michigan
December 5
: well obviously i like to chat, i like to crochet, read, and listen to music
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
: disabled
: come on!! Really!!??
2001 dodge grand caravan
: Elf

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: 5"0'
: very large
: brown
: brown
: anything comfortable and loose fitting
: pagan
: tropical mutt
: Never discuss it tends to lead to arguments
does it really matter? why judge someone by this if your gonna judge me by that your not the type of person i wanna be friends with
: single
: none
: I'm here looking to meet new friends and to chat. you'll always get honesty from me or honesty as i see it. i try to tell it like it is but not cruelly i always try to be nice to others thats because i want to be treated the same way. if your not interested in me for whatever reason thats not a problem all i ask is to move on without nasty comments i dont need anymore of that in my life. if you wannt to judge me for my appearance religionn or whatever dont even bother messaging me if your gonna judge me that way i dont even want to be friends or be bothered


no one particular one
john carpenters vampires
the haunted, paranormal state, ghost hunters, ghost stories
pat morita, vincent price, frank langella, christopher lee
rock , country, hip hop
bon jovi, winger, def leppard, poison, trace adkins
pro wrestling
detroit red wings, detroit pistons, detroit tigers
whats a vacation?
pizza, italian, mexican, chinese