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Humble, Texas
August 29
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
Spend most of my days awake.. riding, or trying to ride. And most of my nights awake.. wishing I was riding.
"Straight up mentally UN-stable!" That's what my psychiatrist said before he punched me in the nose.
... a wise man once told me, "What are you askin' ME for? Go learn some of this shit yourself."
"..so much style without substance. So much stuff without style. It's hard to recognize the real thing that comes along once in a while.." -- Peart

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705 lbs. dry (on my 2000 V Star Classic)
mostly white
All shiny colors in the wind... rubber on the ground. Haven't rode naked since high school.
Absolutely NOT... but, god loves me and I love him back.
french greek filipino chinese (holy crap, I'm a mutt).
bring me a politician... I'll stand on him, you rifle thru his pockets.
hopeless hetero
single and lovin' it
five, 3-boys, 2-girls... they are why I'm still alive.


Robert Ludlum, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Issac Asimov
A few
As Good As It Gets
Rock & Roll, Baby!!
Total Foodie!