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i am 5 3 and a half:)
brown with blonde highlights
I am just me and wear what i am compfy in at the time:)
i was raised catholic,i haven't gone to church in awhile but i do believe God,I have faith and trust in Him
I have the hep c..I am a 1a,I believe I got it when i was 18,i got one homemade tat made back then..Im not a bad person,i don't drink,smoke or do drugs..overtime i have learned to accept what I have,they way I see it,is just cause you have a virus,doesn't change who you are,and doesn't keep you from smiling and helping others out everyday:)I enjoy my life and love the outdoors,I love sunsets and watching life,butterflys,turtles,what ever i can see:)i might sound corny but I enjoy things in life:)if you read this,experience and do what ever your heart desires,do what makes you happy!don't let a lil virus stop ya!:)I love to make friends and have people in my life,and love for you to be in mine as well:)


ok I read all the twighlt books!they were so awsome:)
i listen to what im in the mood for,country,rock,hiphop,soft,miixed,and a lil alternative
believe it or not i love history and would love to see the old castles,id love to go out to the ocean and see where the lost city of atlantis ridge mountains was one of my favorite spots