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Palo Alto, CA
November 24
I am professional male with a zest for life and living it to the fullest.

I cherish exposure to experiences more than anything else in life and you will find me open to trying most things (with a caveat that it is acceptable under the letter of the law :)

I am a hopeless romantic at heart - they say it is best to love and lose than never to have loved at all and that has certainly been true in my life.

I love the written word and as such I am drawn to poetry and books - the former, I dabble in from time to time.

International travel has and always will be my passion. My life and career have taken me to many far off lands and I cherish each and every memory and crave for more.

As with words, music moves me at a spiritual level. Be it the Indian classical or Bach's symphony. Music to me is a state of mind which I enjoy being in. I play carnatic violin and sing vociferously to my soap dispenser in the shower :-)

1660 characters about me so far - probably enough to have either bored you or lured you :) Looking forward to meeting interesting people here :)
IT Program manager
I meet her gaze I help her stand
I hold my breath and kiss her hand
I see her blush her cheeks red now
I smell her hair and kiss her brow
It brings me joy to hear her speak
I take her hand and kiss her cheek
I feel her skin 'neath my finger tips
I hold her face and kiss her lips
Our love's true passions now begin
I caress her form and kiss her skin
Our passions flow like summer rain
Our love's fulfilled as we kiss again
In the afterglow in fond embrace
We speak of love and I kiss her face
BMW 5 series

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