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April 7
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'All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.'
Edmund Burke

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Salt & Pepper
From Business Casual to T-shirt & jean to sporting shorts! I do wear Compression Pantyhose or full length Compression or Supportive Stocking everyday all day! Over the years I have experimented and tried many different modern and retro girdle's finding they aided in muscle warmth and muscle recovery, muscle endurance, and helped in prevention of injuries! Yes PH, Stocking and Girdles where invented for females but males are making them Unisex and I love it!!!!!!!

I do a lot of different sports in PH or Supportive Stocking but always while wearing a girdle! I have been ASKED by many males and females WHY? After I talk with them and explain the benefits of it, most are open to try wearing them but all have excepted it!

I have always found Pantyhose, Stockings and Foundation Garments extremely sexy even from my youngest childhood years!
Middle of the road!
Oh YES!! Healthy active and strong!
Single and looking!
Yes Two


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