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I love watching TV (Mostly Law & Order, all of them!), Chatting, riding my bicycle. I collect teddy bears. I am bipolar and like staying busy, keeping a positive attitude but I do have some wild mood swings. Sometimes I like to be a little wicked but doesn't everyone if they are honest? I just like to chat I don't what a real world thing. If you can't think of anything more interesting to say than hi don't bother me.
Mother, housewife, waitress
The more love you give the more you have.

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blonde at the moment
Jeans or shorts most of the time but I do like getting dressed up for special things. I like to feel comfortable but still look good.
I don't need a preacher to connect to God, I have God's cell on my speeddial. She is quite capable of calling me herself.
I like to think of myself as being progressive with some traditional ideas.
Sex is about sharing and I'll share with who I wish.
Yes the sweetest 8 yr old boy on Earth!


Law & Order (All of them!)
Will Smith, Johnny Depp
Folk, Country Western
Dallas Cowboys
The Beach
Steak, Chocolate cherries, Strawberries, Fish Tacos